Drainage Repair

We offer a range of drainage repair services delivered by highly skilled and experienced engineers. Following a detailed survey and customer consultation, we'll propose a plan of action to minimise cost and maximise effectiveness, avoiding the need to dig wherever possible.

Cracks & Fractures

As well as persistent blockages, damage to underground pipework causes water to leak from the drainage system into the ground which is a common cause of structural issues.

Joint displacement

Over time, ground movement can create openings at pipework joints allowing waste water to leak into the surrounding substrate. Drain lining is an excellent and comparitively low cost solution to this.

Collapsed Pipework

Lack of drainage maintenace can in severe cases lead to pipework collapse. When this happens, we'll assess the damage and find the most cost-effective solution to get you flowing again.

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Cured in place pipe lining via manhole

Cured In-Place Pipe Lining

With resin lining, the interior surface of pipework is renewed without the need to dig. The technique uses a resin which cures to form a hard wearing, seamless coating of the internal pipework surface. The technique can be used to repair joint displacement, cracks, fractures and in some cases, partial collapse of pipework. The technique delivers many benefits over traditional methods that require excavation.

  • Cost Effective

    Save money on machinery and labour costs associated with traditional methods that require excavation.

  • Reduce Risk

    Mitigates risks to safety and impact to residents and businesses by avoiding the need for open trenches.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Repairs can be completed in hours instead of days and weeks by removing the need to dig.

  • Lifespan

    Resin pipe lining is long-lasting and more durable than many traditional drainage materials.

  • Resistant to Movement

    Alleviates the problem of joint displacement due to ground movement because of seamless finish.