CCTV Drainage Surveys

Drainage surveys provide an unintrusive method of locating faults and damage causing problems within the drainage system. For proactive maintenance, CCTV drainage inspections are a great way of identifiying problems early on, avoiding more costly repairs later down the line.

Locate Damage

Identify cracks, joint displacement & root intrusion which cause leaks that can damage the structure of buildings.

Prevent Blockages

Detect scale and debris which can lead to frequent and persistent blockages.

Identify Problems Early

Locate signs of ageing or early warning signs that should be addressed under a programme of preventive maintenance.

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Drainage survey cracked pipework
Drainage camera survey

Are you considering purchasing a property? Before making such a significant investment, it's crucial to ensure that every aspect of the property is thoroughly inspected, and that includes the drainage system. At Daniel James Drainage Services, we offer professional pre-purchase drainage surveys to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the property's drainage infrastructure.

A pre-purchase drainage survey is a detailed assessment of the property's drainage system conducted by our expert team of drainage specialists. Using advanced CCTV technology, we navigate through the drains, capturing high-resolution footage of the pipes and identifying any potential issues or blockages. This thorough inspection allows us to assess the overall condition of the drainage system, including the presence of leaks, cracks, tree root intrusions, or any other underlying problems.

Investing in a pre-purchase drainage survey is a smart decision that can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Our team at Daniel James Drainage Services is dedicated to delivering comprehensive surveys using state-of-the-art CCTV technology, providing you with detailed reports and expert advice.

The Drainage Survey Process

CCTV drainage inspections remove speculation and guess-work from the process of troubleshooting drainage problems and allows engineers to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis. Following a customer consultation, many problems including damaged underground pipework can be fixed on-site the same day.

Specially designed camera equipment enters the drainage system and collects high definition streaming video as it moves through the pipework. This footage is analysed by our engineers on-site and recorded so that it can be shared and further analysed if required.

The footage forms part of a detailed report outlining defects and recommendations along with their precise location in the drainage system. Cutting edge survey systems from iTouch give us the ability to automate report generation, allowing us to share detailed reports with customers just moments after completing a survey. This gives Daniel James Drainage Services a huge advantage over other organisations where outdated process and technology result delays of several days.

Download a sample CCTV drainage survey report here

CCTV drainage inspection camera and drainage engineer

When to Consider A Drainage Survey

Drainage inspections provide definitive diagnosis of underground drainage issues without the need for excavation. On completion of the survey, our expert engineers will consult with you on any recommendations they have and provide a detailed report with video footage for you to retain.

  • Repeated Blockages

    Many blockages can be removed quickly and effectively with rodding and high pressure jetting. If blockages persist or there are odours coming from the drainage system, it's probably a good idea to carry out a drainage survey to determine the root cause.

  • Buying Property

    When buying a new home, it is commonplace for a survey to be carried out which looks at the structure, roof, energy efficiency and a host of other areas. Unfortunately drainage is often overlooked and major issues can go undiscovered, resulting in significant and costly repairs. We highly recommend a detailed CCTV drainage inspection prior to the purchase of property to ensure that drainage systems are in good working order.